Ever had the feeling you weren’t good enough to live in this world? Ever had the feeling nobody likes you, maybe even hate you? Ever had the feeling you just let people down by all the things you do for them? The feeling that always comes back on the rarest moments, sometimes even stronger than the last time.
Sometimes, when it becomes too much to handle, you just break. Your eyes start to tear, waterfalls falling down your cheeks, but no one you want it to see. You try to be strong for other people, try to build up your wall so no one can hurt you more than you have already been. You keep up a mask you didn’t even know you had. Every day it gets harder to be strong, to keep those tears to yourself, to accept the pain and hurtful comments people give you. Every day it gets harder to live further, even when you know you can’t. You’re exhausted of it all, too tired to actually sleep, eyes burn from the tears, almost too hard to keep them open.

Reacties (8)

  • DarkEnough

    It just.. discribes my feelings.

    7 jaar geleden
  • Nyara

    Wauw, prachtig.

    7 jaar geleden
  • Necessity

    wow.... it's perfect ö
    you should really write this story
    the only scary thing is that you really describe my feelings, like you really know me, that's scary, but your writing is perfect <3

    7 jaar geleden
  • Clarkley

    Kippenvel, wauw, so beautiful.

    7 jaar geleden
  • SuperrCarrot

    this is magnificent, your english is defo good enough to write this, and the writing itself is just astonishing

    7 jaar geleden

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