XXL poem : One Direction

From video diaries to sold out tours the boys didn’t understand
Why did people love them, they were just a band
But I’m here to tell you boys, that, no, your much more than that
You’re wonderful people, talented ones at that
You bring smiles to our faces when you find success
Because you deserve everything you have, everything and no less
There’s Niall he’s Irish and blonde and has the cutest smile I know
He sure loves his food like chicken from Nando’s
He’s a sweetheart and enjoys his life each day
We like it when you smile so keep it that way
Your laughter’s infectious and we love to hear it
Because your attitude on life has given me spirit
I’ll continue to remember that life is full of happiness
Doesn’t do well to dwell on the hard things and sadness
The next boy is Zayn Malik he’s almost nineteen
He can stand out in a performance, every frame every scene
His words are truly inspirational and have affected me
He always has a smile and it he lives life beautifully
He may be quiet but he makes us laugh out loud
Like when he says vas happenin and him and boys mess around
He may be vain and a slight poser but he does this because he know
That no matter what he does, his personality shines and shows
Now Liam he’s one in a million really one of a kind
Daddy Direction that’s how he is in my mind
He’s mature and wise and always knows what to say
Even if his spelling doesn’t make it seem that way
His turtles are dead and Niall never came over
But who cares when you can have Danielle come over?
Other than that Liam is one hell of a guy
He knows what’s best for them and tends to be shy
But he’s the one in the band, that one person
That’ll always looks up even when the odds have worsened
Forever young as he’s known and how we’ll remember
Louis Tomlinson, that’s the fourth member
He may be the oldest but he knows how to make us smile
He makes us laugh and just stay happy for a while
No Jimmy protested and his love for carrots
What kinda genes did that boy inherit
He’s perfect in every way, he’s funny and kind
He never seems to not speak his mind
This is what we love and hope never to lose
Because you’re the only one you’re the only Lou
Last but not least is that curly haired kid the one named Harry
When I think about him is when I begin to worry
I feel like he doesn’t see his talent and just needs to realize
That his wonderful as he is, he’s perfect in our eyes
He has a talent worth hearing one to die for
But his talent’s on stage, on stage on their tour
He has jokes to show his humor and his smile
He’s special he’s the harry styles
Harry always tries to be smiling when the day is done
He likes his cats is a flirt and known as the cheeky one
Despite these facts there is one thing I have come to know
That these boys are individuals more than a band more than a music show
They’re 5 separate people, 5 people doing what they love
They’re different than most I can’t say that enough
I’ve gone on for a long time but I just want to express
That I wish these boys success and nothing but happiness
I guess all I want to say all I want them to hear
Is that they made a difference in my life in my year

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