Our love story - Louis Tomlinson

I never thought that I'd meet you there.
You were sitting next to me and had brown, tousled hair.
You asked me if I would like to dance.
Of course I accepted and took my change.
Just on the dancefloor, a slow began to play.
I wanted to walk back to the bar, but you asked me to stay.
Your arms were laying on my body.
Somehow, you made me forget all of my problems so easily.
I looked up at you and saw something I didn't before.
Your beauty was and is like a diamont, something you can't ignore.
Your shiny and lovely blue eyes.
Did you know that they were the reason that my tummy was filled with butterflies?

Sinds that day, I knew you were the one.
And so, our love story was begun.

At marriage:
Today is the day, the day of my life.
'Cause today, we become, husband and wife.
Also glad that today I become,
the one and only Mrs. Tomlinson.

- Axana -

hey, sorry als er grammaticale fouten in zitten, sommige dingen weet ik niet zeker of ze wel juist geschreven of verwoord zijn.

liefs, Axana xxx

PS; Ik ben er zelf niet zo tevreden over, sorry

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  • Euforia

    Oh my goshiii !!! Like this so much.. You know I love you(H) XoXo Joke

    6 jaar geleden
  • Euforia


    6 jaar geleden
  • nenne98


    6 jaar geleden
  • LauraAime1D

    OMG!! DIE IS ZO MOOI/SCHATTIG/LIEF/FANTASTISCH/LEUK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! xxx

    6 jaar geleden

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