Stay Strong.

You always have to be the strongest.
Everyone can trust you.
You may not cry.
You always have to smile.
You take care of people.
You laugh fake.
You smile fake.
You don't cry were other people are.
You are strong.
And stay strong.
Couse there is somebody for you.
And maybe not now, maybe not tommorow.
But if he or she is there for you;
You don't have always be the stongest.
You may cry.
You don't always have to smile.
You don't have to take care for people.
You don't have to laugh fake.
You don't have to smile fake.
You can cry when you want.

You are strong.
And stay strong.
Becouse there is always somebody here for you.

Reageer (2)

  • Papiliones

    Heel erg mooi en goed verwoord!

    6 jaar geleden
  • BobMarley

    I'm trying to stay strong.., but some days I just can't... x

    9 jaar geleden

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