A smile crosses her face

Shes proud of herself but she wont tell you why
Its been almost a week since she last even tried
But the voices dont stop and today they won
Will she go for a razor or end it all with a gun

After hours of crying and arguing with herself
She gives in and opens the hidden box on her shelf
Overwhelmed with the emotions she selects her blade
Oddly delighted with the choice that shes made

So once again she takes a razor to her vein
And without even flinching or feeling no pain,
Well, there is pain of course but its mistaken for praise
She is lacking in judgment because the feeling of daze

She sits there emotionless, blood pouring from her wrist
Giving into the feeling shes so long resist
A smile crosses her face as it spills down her arm
Shes caught up in the evil we know as self harm

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