imagination and action

you could think about a pineapple
you could speak about a mountain
you could write about a dolfin
you could do anything

you won't taste the pineapple by thinking about it
you won't know how a mountain look like by talking about it
you won't hear a dolfin by writing about it
this is about everything

you won't get to know what the world is by just using you're imaginatio, because

when you eat a pineapple you'll taste it
when you climb a mountain you'll see it
when you go see a dolfin you'll hear it

some people say imagination is the triomph of life, that you could do anything with it

some people say doing things makes life an adventure, that you could capture the world with it

i say you could only live your life by doing it but without imagination you'll be lost because to do special things you have to come with it by using your imagination and those special things make life beautiful

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