I fucked up

~ Sorry voor grammaticale fouten ~

I fucked up
“I fucked up again”, she said
as her heart skipped a beat

It’s always her
Her fault
Her mistake
Her trouble
Her pain

It’s the reason
she doesn’t want to live any longer

She feels it
in her bones
in her head
in her heart
and in her mound
as she poures in the alcohol

“What else do I do”, she said
not expecting an answer
nor a piece of advice

Nobody cares about her
She’s alone
and she’ll always be

She knows that
even though
she keeps wishing on a wishing star
every night again
as if it would come true
the wish she’s wishing for

As many as times she wished
as much she thought about dying

It’s pathetic, she knew
“But what does it matter”, she said

As her heart skipped a beat
and the end was near

It’s always her
Her hand on the bottle
Her mound full of alcohol
Her nose full of powder

The pain stopped also did her heart

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