Falling in love

Sorry als ik grammaticale fouten maakte


It’s not that I’m scared
‘cause what does it all matter

In the end
we’re all just alive

This is the world
and you’re as weak
as you think you are

There’s nothing to be afraid of
‘cause this is the world

Nothing matters
‘cause this is what we live for

We need to be scared sometimes
but it doesn’t matter

You have to do
what you have to do

Embrace your flaws
‘cause that’s where you’re most afraid of

Sometimes you need to do things that you’re afraid of
it makes you stronger

We need to be afraid sometimes
‘cause that’s what we live for

What else would life be
if you aren’t afraid sometimes

It makes you shiver
it makes you sick
but at the end

It doesn’t matter
‘cause what is life

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