all those things

Whatís that thing called love?
So many words to describe it
so many stories about it
is it possible to understand it one day?
I donít think so
itís takes infinity
But what is it for you, for me?
For one itís something else than for another
So what is it?
can you touch it? Perhaps
can you feel it? Maybe
can you lose yourself in it? Definitely

Itís like to find yourself a home in oneís warm arms
doing things you canít imagine to do for someone else
itís like searching for a light but finding the sun in his eyes
forgetting what you were doing if you get a glimpse of his smile

Being happy one moment
and not knowing why
Being sad the next time
and understanding all the reasons
Feeling all those emotions, all in the same minute
not always the sweetest memory
not always the ugliest words
but always the happiest sigh when youíre with him

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