Enunciated Thoughts

Eyes like a frozen lake
Her skin, like marble
As if she would break
From her lips dripped the red of blood
Her clothes were covered with dark mud

“Pretty girl, oh pretty girl.
You are not meant for this world.”
That’s what they said, with words that hurl.
That dulcet voice that spoke to her
Strong and powerful, no demure.

Wind blew in her face
She felt power hidden in a warm embrace
As she entered a labyrinth of chaos
She was aware of what she would cause.

They found her body at the crack of dawn
Near a sign which she had drawn;
“You live an illusion, it’s not true.
It’s too late, they will come for you too.”

Reacties (2)

  • Dichterbij

    Super mooi:)

    2 jaar geleden
  • Jaimes

    Ah ik vind dit een mooi gedicht en knap gedaan (:

    7 jaar geleden

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