Fantasy World

Take me to a place
Without the dumb reality
Bring me to the place
Where I can be myself

Angels are singing
Devils are dancing
Wizards are chanting
And I'm waiting

Think about a place
Without the pain and war
Dream about that place
And dream you are there

Gods and Goddesses
Bring me to life
Give me my life

Talk about a place
Without humanity
Speak about that place
Where myths live

Centaurs are running
Nymphs are feeling free
Dragons are flying
Spirits are fluttering
But I'm just waiting

© M. de Crook

Reacties (1)

  • Jultje16

    Echt een super mooi gedicht.
    Ik kan me zo'n wereld helemaal voorstellen.
    Ik vind het ook mooi ''a place'' steeds weer terug laat komen na een strofe.


    6 jaar geleden

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