Romeo and Juliet

Dit is een schoolopdracht voor Engels. Als jullie tips/veranderingen hebben hoor ik het graag. c:

A girl,
A boy,
Romeo and Juliet,
from the Montagues and Capulets.
Who are sworn enemies

It wasn't easy,
It was a fight.
but love is victorious,
at least, that's what they thought.

She was only thirteen,
but she had to marry Paris.
Who didn't watch,
that there was a second boy in the game.

It was the fault from all of them.
From everyone who looked
The Capulets and the Montagues,
Who were blinded by their own anger.

Romeo killed himself,
the most stupid mistake of his life.
when Juliet woke up,
she saw him die at eleven.
So she took his gun and killed herself
And they would happily be in heaven.

The forbidden love of two young people

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