Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange was a pure-blood witch
the last words she heard were 'Not my daughter, you bitch',
she was a true Death Eater, evil and smart
devoted to Voldemort who she secretly held in her heart
'crucio' was her most favorite spell,
especially on mudbloods with their awful smell
some people say she was mad,
the only thing she wanted was all mudbloods dead.
She loved the dark lord, admired him in many ways
even in those darkest days
when she escaped from Azkaban she gladly returned,
thinking about the reward she definiteley had earned
she killed her own cousin, Sirius Black,
he felt through a courtain, no one saw him back.
she was the last Death Eather standing during the Hogwarts Battle, she fought a fearsome duel
and was killed by Molly Weasly, proving again a mothers love always defeats evil

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  • Papiliones

    Haha deze is ook leuk! Ze was wel een goede personage!

    6 jaar geleden

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