A Land of Crystals and Magic

Dit was een gedicht wat ik op aanvraag voor iemand heb geschreven, ze vond het een van mijn beste werken dus heb ik besloten het met jullie te delen.
-Einde Notitie

Crystal towers in the distance.
With a sun rising silently behind them.
It casts things in a beautiful, fractured light.
They sky filled with rainbows more beautiful than you can imagine.
And I see you in the distance, a proud steed.
You're slightly out of reach.
But still your beauty is a new kind of magic.
Something which will have people turn their head.
Dragons dominate the sky.
Wisps haunt the cold lands far to the north.
Serpents sleep silently in the deep seas.
But none of them can ever compare to you.
Your silent beauty is a beacon.
It draws me in.
You're the sister I always miss.
As you walk under skies unseen by me.
But I'll never stop loving you.
For love keeps us connected.
And whatever the coming year might bring.
My love for you is the strongest bond in every world.

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