Het gedicht is gebaseerd op de relatie met kindertijd/jeugd
Strofe 1: Anafoor (herhaling never had)
Strofe 2: Chiasme (eerste en tweede zin
Strofe 3: Pleonasme (let down and disappointment)
Strofe 4: Anadiploss (de herhaling van to stay)
Tautologie (empty gap)

I cried more than a single tear
For the loss of my beloved teddy bear
Never had I thought about letting go
Never had thinking back made me feel so low

Thinking about it, makes me feel old
Just like all the bedtime stories you told
Getting old makes me think about it
Rewind the times where I still was a kid

The time I was happy and just care free
Let down and disappointment I did not see
But we know, everything must come to an end
I just hope my childhood will always be a friend

Yes, my childhood had sadly gone away
Now only the rest of my life is here to stay
To stay and fill the empty gap, my childhood
But I will miss it, more than I know I coud

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