I'm so tired, but I can't sleep
because the voices in my head say : 'when you going to sleep you'll never wake up again.'
I'm so scared, please take the devil away from me.
the voices said: 'are you not mat at them? go, go kill them, kill them all, of better kill yourself.'
I feel so lonely. the voices say : 'no you're not lonely I'm still here. and I'll never go away.'
when I wake up I'm bleeding. I don't know how.
the voices say : 'if you don't kill yourselves, I'll kill you... everyone will think you did it.'
No It's not true.
the voices say : 'yes it is'
my hands enclose my throat, I can't help it. It takes me over.
I feel slipping the life out of me. the last thing I heard was : 'this is your end.'

everybody got a dark side. do you love me? can you love mine?

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