Dear Grandpa

I want to thank you for all that you did for me
To me you're more than just a sweet memory
All the memories in these years I grew up
Will remain in my heart, and will never stop.

Memories of the beach, walking hand in hand
Asking about things I did not understand
I'd see my little feet when I'd turn around
Pushed down into the sandy ground
And now a piece of me is a piece of that beach
A little piece, always in my reach.

I remember you, a happy man
A man who always had a plan
You always smiled, no matter what
Another thing we never forgot

And how cruel death may be
You will live on in me

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  • Papiliones

    Wauw, bij deze kreeg ik kippenvel. Een mooi eerbetoon aan je opa.

    3 jaar geleden
  • DreamFollower


    5 jaar geleden

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