you're not funny (and nobody's joking)

you can tell me itís a joke
you can tell me iím overreacting
it still wonít mean thereís anything funny
about the way youíre acting

oh yes, haha, i should learn to take a compliment
oh gosh how could i possibly forget
that i should be flattered when you tell me you like me
but youíd like me even more tied to your bed

no youíre not cool
youíre not giving me what i asked for
and my rejection does not give you the right
to call me a bitch, a hoe or a whore

please stop your disgusting rape jokes
and teach yourself not to have to imagine your sister or daughter
in a situation like that to make yourself see
that what youíre saying is no reason for laughter

donít ask me if iím on my period
donít treat me like a kid for showing emotion
i canít help it if the thought that women are people
is somehow too difficult a notion

so hereís to all the men with good traditional values
who teach their sons itís a-okay to look down on their wives
yes, of course iíll go back to the kitchen!
iíd love to show you how well i know my way around knives

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  • Spotgaai

    Mijn god die laatste zin, geniaal! [Sowieso is het hele gedicht geniaal, maar het einde sluit het af met een boem]

    6 jaar geleden

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