I Promise You

I can't promise you
that dark clouds
will never hover over our lives
or that the future
will bring us many rainbows.

I can't promise you
that tomorrow will be perfect
or that life will be easy.

I can promise you
my everlasting devotion,
my loyalty, my respect
and my unconditional love
for a lifetime.

I can promise you that
I'll be Always be here for you,
to listen and to hold your hand,
and I'll Always do my best
to make you happy.

I can promise that
I'll see you through any crisis,
and pray with you,
dream with you,
build with you,
and always cheer you on.

I can promise that
I'll willingly be your protector,
your advisor, your counselor,
your friend, your family,
your everything.

I Promise You

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