hush hush

hush hush baby
donít you say a word
you donít want us to be heard
iím your hero, youíre my beau
just keep this on the down low

hush hush baby
everything will be alright
iíll come over to your room tonight
donít you worry, youíre still good
quiet like only nice girls could

hush hush baby
itís okay, donít you worry
iím not in any hurry
but we both know where weíre at
iíll stop asking after that

hush hush baby
donít walk away, weíre doing well
it does not do to dwell
let me show you a good night
thereís no need to put up a fight

hush hush baby
i never meant to harm you
i know you wanted it too
itís not fair to just blame me
this was both of us, this was we

hush hush baby
donít you say a word
you know these lines were blurred
if you talk iíll tell Ďem itís a lie
you know iím a real nice guy

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