For K

I saw you and my heart rate shot into the sky
Sitting next to you, currents of electricity bouncing between us
I shouldn’t have this much adrenaline
You’re mine

I can’t help but have my head in the clouds
The book in front of me blurs, what are electromagnetic waves anyway?
My hand is shaking so hard I’m afraid you’ll notice
You don’t

I reminisce about the sunshine that fell through the library windows
While I stared over the top of my Physics book
Quickly avoiding your gaze when it met mine
You were a stranger

I smile and look at you, the light reflects in your eyes
I think of twinkling stars and galaxies
All the tension is leaving my body
You kiss me

© IronRainbow 2016

These verses are interchangeable and can be interpreted how you want... This is merely how I experienced these feelings today. It's not really a poem, more a statement or a diary entry if you will. I just can't keep this all inside. There's so much to feel.

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