The girl in the mirror

I see a girl walking on the street
I don't know who she is
But she looks like me
With the rain dripping from her face
Her eyes filled with pain
Walking alone in the pouring rain

The girl stops walking and turns to the right
With her eyes searching for something to fight
Moving her arm while I move mine
Of love and happiness is no sign

She looks broken, just like me
Waiting for hours to finally be free

I start running, I start to cry
Looking for a reason, please tell me why

Haunted by my own mind
I start thinking
How is it possible I've been so blind
Running from the answers I already knew
The girl I saw has no clue

Caring for others is all I have ever done
Although the girl from then, is now gone
I know there is still so much to give
But right now it is time 'I' start to live

Not done, I will write further

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