Just keep swimming

We scream and shout
Fighting is Fighting
Let all my anger out

I don't wanna raise my voice
I can't keep calm
Because of you I can't hear my own noise

I wanna make decisions
Even if they hurt me
I have dreams and wishes

You can't let go my past
You wanna hold me tight and close
I grow up too fast

You can't follow my speed
I hope you realise
After the fights it's you I need

You are my number one
You are my lifeline
I'm feeling trapped, I'm done

Done with the fighting, Done with the screams
Done with wishing I had more freedom
I just can't stop losing my dreams

They are shattered, they are gone
Now I just feel anger
I feel lost, you have won

I'm scared i'm not good enough, scared of letting you down
I'm feeling like I have a rock around my ankle
I'm so scared i'll drown

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