For all the Harry Potter fans...

Harry Potter was never only books or movies.
Every part of it made us love them more...
Made us understand how special each one of them are.
Ron... with the most kindness heart
Hermione... the strongest of all
Harry... the most brave person you'll met in your life
They teach us how important friendship is in our lives.
The courage you need to survive.
That if you have faith, you can do anything!
Now Hogwarts is our home.
And never stop being our home.
Because now is part of our lives,
Part of our hearts...
Every one was there for the otter one.
If you have love and kindness in your heart, nothing can drag you down.
Real heroes in our world...
They teach us that even in the darkness dominates you can win!
Nothing is impossible...
Nothing is fake...
Nothing is more powerfull...
Then real love.
Those are our friends.
Those are our inspiration.
Those are our heroes.
This is Harry Potter!
And we are proud of being fans.
Never stop dreaming!

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    Het is iets teveel op rijmen/ Begin zinish gedaan maar nogsteeds heel goewdd

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