The Claws

Yeah i know it is scary, my love.
Oh i know you can feel the claws.
And i know, you wanna run from that thing that gnaws.
But can't i lend you my eyes.
To show you your own light.
you shined upon me.

like an angel send to save
Your my motive to be brave.
We will stand in the dark.
And fight the claws that talk and bark.

Fight with me by resting.
While the claws are hurting,
everything you stand for.
Rise when you feel sore.
Feel my gentle caring,
telling you to start living.
You can dare the claws now
After i show you how.

Ik ben niet engels (duh) dus als er fouten in zitten tell me!
Jullie kunnen waarschijnlijk wel raden voor wie dit is.

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