(Dit gedicht is niet van mezelf, het is een spoken word van Dodie Clark maar ik vind Ďm heel gaaf dus wou ik Ďm toch hier zetten zodat mensen Ďm kunnen lezen. Het staat ook als een filmpje op YouTube)

I love my body!
We know thatís a lie.
Because I canít wear leggings
They show my big thighs
I donít conform to societyís rules!
But it sure would be nice to look thin by the pool
Iím tubby and proud I say out loud
But staring at my fat is not allowed
Iíll pull up my tights and wear baggy tops
And Google how many calories are in lollipops.

They say ďbe healthy be happyĒ and I am neither
But I donít want to munch salad either!
My stomach is screaming for more than just leaves
Stuff me with chocolate and chips and cheese!
The three dreaded cís where the calories are in the triple digits

And satisfaction of scoffing is just so short
Even while youíre munching thereís these thoughts
That dread of looking down and seeing a dome of my skin
Iíll eat broccoli tomorrow, by next week Iíll be thin

And I know that everyoneís beautiful
A bit of tub doesnít matter at all!
When I look at people I see their hope
Their smiles and happiness, how well they cope
With loss and stress and illness and death
Why do we obsess about being skinny?

Arms and legs that you could snap
A slender neck, a stomach thatís flat
Give me a jawbone, make me feather light
Slice off some thickness, melt my cellulite
Oh make me a princess, a size zero fairy
But that just canít happen. Unless I give up dairy
Nothing tastes better than skinny feels
Tell that to my mouth as I greenify my meals.
Maybe Iíll go for a run today
Or maybe Iíll eat ice cream, until I feel okay

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  • IrishNialler


    1 jaar geleden
  • justdo1t

    Yess! Die "Stuff me with chocolate and chips and cheese!" is heel erg relatable:)

    2 jaar geleden
  • aarsvogel


    2 jaar geleden

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