I don't want to feel

And it begins
The pain does
And it will never stop
To fade out

I want to forget
That there is only one way out
Because I don't want to leave now

And I wish there was still hope
I wish live was much more
But every time I still fall down
People hurt me like hell

When does it ever stop
When will I feel happy
I want to be bad and live
But every time they get me stopped
I can't be this way go back before
When everything hurted and people ignored
I don't want to feel this way
It will never go away

It's like im falling in a black hole.
It's scary and dark
Thinking there will be no end
I just wish people would understand
Every time I hate myself
I would like to punish myself
Maybe then I would stop hating
Did I make wrong choices in life
Because I feel dead inside

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