The rain is falling down.
And even though Itís sad,
You come to me now.

Iím feeling the warmth of your heart.
When the world is grey,
You make a new start.

So blind and so in love.
Distracted and I canít get enough.

The truth is finally come to find me.
Now that I see,
I was so blindly.
And I forget all my life because you are with me.

I donít mind to believe that you are me xtc.

I forget whatís the wright direction.
I took path that leads right to you.
You donít want to be an infection.
But because of my actions we canít make it through.

Even though your bad for me.
I refuse to lose our chemistry.
Because our lives means eveything.

And when it rains I will fight for you and me.
And I begg you please donít set me free
You are me xtc.

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