As A Black Rose

Eyes closed
Knowing what canít be known
Being able to do what canít be done
Waiting for the storm
Which slowely passes by
See what canít be seen
The unending path
Never gets smaller
ĎTill you take it
Feeling love which canít be felt
Canít be done
Falling in a hole
Where you think you never can come out
Everything is weird,
As a black rose.

Doing what canít be left to do
Seeing whatís behind you, not infront
Thinking it doesnít excist
The wind which doesnít seem to stop
Running Ďtill where u think is the end
Looking through everything
Listening to nobody and going on
Something which seems so far
Is actually so close
Thinking you canít be saved
Fighting for something beloved
Dark periods are close
Scream for what u think is necessary
Down looking,
As a black rose.

Cannot be helped
Surrounded by the crazy
Tears which cannot be stopped
Rolling down a mountain to the ground
Flying over a hill to the top
Nothing can be true
Do what must be done
Just let it all come
Leaving tracks for
Those who care about you
Lies that are no lies
Listening to those voices
Not being able to do what you want
So weak,
As a black rose.

Trying to change what canít be done
Remembering what canít be remembered
What shouldnít be remembered
Trying to change the soul
Coming for what goes
Changing what you see, what you feel
Thinking about the opposite
Leaving everything, escaping
For what canít be seen as the truth
Nobody can guarantee
Nobody has got advice
Everything what you feel
Comes to an end
And nothing you can do about it,
As a black rose.

All just a big dream to you
The truth for everybody else
Thinking you know the best
Not listening to anybody else
Blinded by everything you know as lies
Thinking that when someone speaks
Itís all just big nonsense
Making excuses when you donít need to
Eyes open
See how the world could be
When will you let it take you in
Feel free and take it all
Donít waste anymore time
So pretty,
As a black rose..

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