Mystery Boy

Lost in your eyes.
I still remember their color.
Just like the sky.
Hypnotized by your smile.
I still remember how bright it was.
Just like the sun who scared away the rain.

But, there were things that I would like to know.
Your name;
Your age;
Your hobbies;
The place where you live..

But still, one question is missing:
Do you feel the same, mistery boy?

Donít let me wait desperately Ďtil youíre gone.
Youíll shatter the dreams that Iíve dreamed and let me live in misery and pain.

Wonít you come and safe me in my darkest hour?
Wonít you come and wake me up with a tender kiss?
Wonít you come and see if Iím waiting for you?
Wonít you come and take me for you?

Thatís the only thing Iím waiting for.
Nobody is waiting for me, no one wants me.
And Iím opening my heart, especially for you.

Mistery boy, please come and get me.
Mistery boy, please safe me.
Mistery boy, please take me.
Mistery boy, please, donít let me wait desperately.

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  • Smexy

    Hoe heb je dit geleerd?
    Het is gewoon echt PRACHTIG
    Heb er gewoon geen woorden voor.


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