The Forest

The forest
There is a forest.

The forest is enlightend by sunbeams
they shine through the roof of green leaves.
Any person who enters the forest,
is bound to be filled with a warm feeling deep inside
for the forest seems to be enchanting anyone,
anyone who walks the earth in the forest,
anyone who smells the flowers, or enjoys the beautiful silence,
will feel just that slightly happier than the moment before.
Every single tree will seem to love the wanderer,
and the wanderer will feel the same for those trees.
There is only one downside, he who wanders the forest,
will find it difficult to leave this magical place.
When you enter, the forest puts a spell on you
only those who can remember the beauty of all the other things in life
may be able to dispell themselves, and find a way out...

When you hold me tight, I'm in the forest,
and none of the things I can remember are more beautiful
than the forest I'm in, I will remain there, and never leave

Reacties (2)

  • Melancholia

    Hmm het bos verwijst duidelijk naar een vrouwelijk lichaam.
    Doe ik het goed?(Y)

    9 jaar geleden
  • Avarosa

    Die vind ik echt prachtig.:)

    9 jaar geleden

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