Invisible. (song)

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Maybe Iím better off without you
All you cause is pain
Only what if youíre the person
That Iím meant to be with?

I donít know what to do
How do I find out whatís best
When the only thing I know
Is how much you mean to me?

You donít see it
Iím invisible to you
Then why do I see you?

My heart is aching
My hands are shaking
I love you
And all I wanna know is
Do you love me in return?

I canít handle it much longer
My head is going to burst
Save me from this doubt
And tell me how you feel

Maybe I can help you remember
Tell you how it really is
I know you love me
You just wonít admit it

Let me tell you
I love you
I love you
I love you.

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