My star.

My life was falling apart.
Nothing didn't really matter.
I picked up all the scraps and looked at the sky, the blue sky.

There were a lot of stars out there, but one blew me away.
She was so much more than a litte star.
I asked "What's your name?" and she smiled like an angel.
Her name was Amina.
She's the most beautiful star I've ever seen.

She's the star I needed the most when my life was falling apart.
We talked and talked, again and again.
She kept shining and now.. she makes me shine like I never did before.

Thank you, Amina, for being my star.
You're blessed.

Dit heb ik geschreven voor mijn beste vriendin.
Zij is mijn zonnestraaltje en dat blijft ze ook.

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    Ooh Dat is echt SuperSchattig & Moooi <3

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