Blue Force Tracking

I'm in a war, virtually dying,
I've got 3 lives to lose.
The game is killing me, I can't find the algorithms,
I've taken the wrong subroutine.

I've got to get there, but the magnitude's confusing me,
Where is this Arena with the chessboard of life and death?
These artificial men all around me, I'm scared.
Symmetric designs built to kill,

This maze of electric black, but where's the blue?
Go back, turn left, turn right, jump, hide.
300 mph speed, shooting up, down, fall. Curse.
2 more lives.

What's around me? Black, red, silver.
But where's the blue? I'm running, heartbeat's accelerating.
The basics all behind me, this is the real thing
Crack the database, break the disc.

Almost there. Speed up again. No,
Regret, I should've thought of this.
Earth, how do I return? Stop it, stop it, stop it.
Delete? Save? Start? Again?

ERROR. Curse. What have I done...
Love, there's nothing better than this.
It's not sophisticated, this is the real thing.
I'm never getting out of here.

Interrupted: try again. Succeded.
Next level: be careful, weapon by my side.
Shoot randomly, don't bother. They're not real.
Too many cycles. I'm tired.

Mistake. 1 more life to lose. Damn.
I feel vulnerable, almost human.
I'm never getting out of here.

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  • Candela

    Bph, mijn Engels faalt vandaag wel heel erg, precies.
    Ik begrijp hem niet helemaal, maar voor zover ik hem begrijp vind ik hem wel heel mooi.:Y)

    1 decennium geleden
  • Birkelunden


    1 decennium geleden
  • Grizzly

    dit vind ik serieus het beste wat je tot nu toe geschreven hebt Ö

    1 decennium geleden

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