I love you, You hate me...

I love you
I care so much about you
But you hate me
I am doing everything for you
But it's not good enough for you

I am working so hard
But you still hate me
I gave everything up for you
But you still hate me

You said you wanted to die
Because you hate me so much
You said you would be better off without me
And I said; I'm sorry for everything
But you said you hate me

I cried, so much
But you still hate me
I love you
But you hate me

You remember that day
when you got sick?
I said; Let me help you
You said; Go away, I hate everything about you!

You broke my heart
you broke my soul
you broke everything i cared about
But i still love you

You said you wanted to die
To be happy, without me
You're not the one that has to die
i said
I am!

I love you to much
To let you hurt yourself
So I'm gonna hurt myself
So stop hurting youself
Start hurting me...

I love you to much...
You hate me so much...

Reacties (2)

  • ThatxGirl

    zo mooiii...

    6 jaar geleden
  • Beronica

    Zielig =( Maar mooi! <3

    8 jaar geleden

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