Rara, welk liedje is 't ?

Tjaaa, zegt de titel niet genoeg? (:

1. 'Dancing slowly in an empty, can the lonely take the place of you?'

2. 'Gotta locked up, like Lindsey Lohan.'

3. 'I feel lucky like a four leave clover.'

4. 'I gave you everything, but nothing was ever enough.'

5. 'What can you do, when your good isn't good enough.'

6. 'Lift my arms out wide, I open my eyes.'

7. 'She don't wanna love, she just wanna touch.'

8. 'What goes around, comes back around.'

9. 'You might say me for a heartbreaker.'

10. 'I noticed that you got it, you noticed that I want it.'

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