Directioner or not?

Are you a Directioner, or a Directionater?
who knows..?
Well you know, if you are done with this test.

In de top:
21-03-2012 <3

1. Who has only one kidney?

2. How many tattoo's does Zayn have?

3. How much sisters does Louis have?

4. What are the names of the sisters from Zayn?

5. What is the name of 1D's tour manager?

6. What is the name of Eleanor's school

7. Who was guest judge at Liam's audition?

8. Who was the person next to Simon Cowell at Judges house?

9. What is the name from Liam's girlfriend?

10. How much nipples does Harry have?

11. What is Gemma's second name? (Harry's sister)

12. Do you like this quiz?

13. This is the last question.. are you going to rape that green button?