One Direction • Niall Horan Quiz

This is a quiz about Niall Horan,
only questions about Niall will stand here!

Have fun xo

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1. What did Niall name his goldfish?

2. Who is Niall's dream date?

3. What is the only book Niall ever read?

4. Which of these fears does Niall have?

5. Which of these is a turn off for Niall?

6. Who is one of Niall's idols?

7. What is Niall's middle name?

8. Which of these songs did Niall sing on X-factor? (Bootcamp)

9. What is Niall's favorite song of all time?

10. What is Niall's favorite song on Up All Night?

11. What is Niall's favorite movie of all time?

12. Which of these things does Niall like?

13. On which date was Niall born?

14. Which of these things does Niall do?

15. Which of these things did Niall get for his 18th birthday?

16. Which is not one of Niall's favorite bands?

17. Which of these animals does Niall like best?

18. Which is true about Niall?

19. What is the name of Niall's older brother?

20. What was the name of Niall's childhood imaginary friend?