One Direction Liam Payne Quiz

1. What movie made Liam cry?

2. What is the on thing Liam could eat for the rest of his life?

3. How does Liam describe himself?

4. What does Liam like in a girl?

5. Which of these is something that Liam can't live without?

6. What is one of Liam's turn off's?

7. On which date was Liam born?

8. What did Liam's sisters call him as a kid?

9. How many minutes of solos does Liam have on Up All Night?

10. What is Liam's favorite track on Up All Night?

11. Which member of One Direction can always make Liam smile?

12. What is Liam's favorite color?

13. Which member of One Direction set Liam up with Danielle Peazer?

14. Which sport is Liam a huge fan of?

15. Which instrument can Liam play?

16. Who is Liam's biggest inspiration?

17. What does Liam want to name his first born child?

18. What is Liam's favorite movie trilogy?

19. Which song did Liam sing in an X-factor audition?

20. How does Liam rank in age with the rest of One Direction?