Are you the biggest One Direction fan?

Just answer the questions and you will see.

1. One Direction wouldn't be around if this tv show didn't excist?

2. Where did One Direction's first album debut on the US billboard 200?

3. Which of these was One Direction sued for?

4. Which of these songs was not a One Direction single?

5. Which member of One Direction appeared on the X-Factor in 2008?

6. Which member of One Direction plays really good guitar?

7. Who first suggested that the boys form One Direction?

8. One Direction are signed to which record label?

9. What was the first song One Direction sang as a group?

10. Who is the youngest member of One Direction?

11. How much did Up All Night sell in the first week in the US?

12. Who is the oldest member of One Direction?

13. How far did One Direction make it on X-Factor?

14. Who came up with the name One Direction?

15. Which band did One Direction open for from February to March 2012?

16. On which date was Up All Night released?

17. What was the first record label One Direction signed with?

18. What have One Direction inducted into?

19. What song was leaked online after the X-Factor final?

20. What do fans of One Direction call themselves?