Hoe goed ken jij de Barbie films?

Denk jij dat je de Barbie films kent? Ken je ze goed genoeg om de titel van een film te weten aan de hand van een stukje songtekst?
We zullen zien!

Deze quiz bestaat uit achttien vragen die allemaal bestaan uit stukjes songtekst. Niet van elke film zal er een liedje inzitten, houd hier rekening mee.

1. "Together we know what to do. Strong hearts, strong minds, fighting for what's right every time."

2. "It's rare to find a friend like you. Somehow when you're around, the sky is always blue."

3. "If I'd like to have my breakfest hot, madam Carp will make me pay. And I have to fetch my eggs myself and the barn's a mile away."

4. "I was living in a fantasy, waiting for someone to come rescue me. But I've found a way to light the dark, it was always here inside my heart."

5. "When I'm stuck on the ground, there's no up, only downs. Every slap sends me falling."

6. "She's ready, she's steady, she's up on her feet. Dancing on the water to her own kind of beat."

7. "There's a place you can go, where your heart is free. There's a rhythm that's right for your soul."

8. "Constant as the stars above, always know that you are loved. And my love shining in you, will help you make your dreams come true. Will help your dreams come true."

9. "Sun goes down and we are together. Fireflies glow like a thousand charms."

10. "I follow my heart, somehow it always seems to know. And when I dance, my feet are dreaming, I close my eyes and let go."

11. "Get your sparkle on, show this world where you belong. All it takes is a little faith believing."

12. "I don't have the balance, think I'm gonna fall. Wish I had the talent, I don't belong here at all."

13. "Look at her, in the spotlight, I love her purple hair. She can do what she wants to, as crazy as she dares. She doesn't need to be polite."

14. "Come with me! We've been decorating the tree! This is what the season can be, our favorite time of the year!"

15. "Some people say you can't be found, you're not around, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Some people say that you're not real, a fairytale, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh."

16. "Eeh, do the mermaid. Everybody jump, jump right in. Hula with the flow and the shimmy with the swim, oh yeah."

17. "So unexpected when I first met ya, didn't know what to think, ah. We were so different, not sure that you'd listened, scared to share anything, hey!"

18. "Oh what a day, the sun is shining, just like tomorrow and yesterday. The sky is blue, the garden's growing, what a wonderful day to play."