Lyrics quiz! [metal]

Wel, het is heel simpel... er staat een regel uit een liedje en je moet dus raden van welk liedje het is.
Ik weet dat metal vreselijk breed is en ik neem dingen uit mijn eigen playlist - die ook vrij gevarieerd is -, dus als jouw metalvoorkeur net ergens anders ligt, dan zuigt de uitkomst. ;p

1. Watch your tongue or have it cut from your head. Save your life by keeping whispers unsaid.

2. Can't you hear me screaming, once again? Voices you can't hear because you are consumed and incontent with everlasting greed.

3. Oh my god, I have the remedy for love. I struck the glass and broke the bones inside my fist, but I'm ok.

4. There's men, underground who have never seen the sun, but they really know how to party. Little men from underground who have never seen the sun, but the really know how to party.

5. Was ich sah auf meiner Reise, scheint zu wahr es zu erzδhln, drum versuch ich auf meine Weise, euch mit mir dort hinzunehmn.

6. Bravery as we've all seen on TV, explosions and swords, hot girls in reward. And in the games you play, you are the hero of the day but outside that land your head's in the sand.

7. Everybody in this place Is only here for one thing And everybody knows my name I've got a feeling this is gonna get insane.

8. Lord, I can't disguise the look inside my eyes, the more I try to look away the more I'm staring.

9. Charge your horses across the fields, together we ride into destiny. Have no fear of death, when it's your time Oden will bring us home when we die!

10. This distance, this dissolution, I cling to memories while falling. Sleep brings release, and the hope of a new day, waking the misery of being without you.