Wie tweette wat? [5SOS] DEEL 2

Hope you like it! Laat het me weten in je reactie! Xx

1. I've been so hungry lately... I nearly even ate Luke today

2. Tonight I'm feeling like an astronaut

3. Not sure how people survive on 6 hours sleep

4. just eatin breadsticks

5. Dusseldorf, you're definitely the coolest named place we've played in. You are also very rhythmic.

6. "5 Seconds of Summer are an Australian pop punk[1] and pop rock[2] boy band.[3][4][5][6]" THIS CONTRADICTS THE WHOLE STATEMENT LOL

7. Left the air conditioning on in the bus last night, I woke up and my eyebrows were frozen

8. Happy to say that I play in my favourite band :-)

9. Pre order for #dontstop goes love tomorrow bitchatchos!!!!