Who is your Once Upon A Time Baby Daddy?

Title says it all. Find it out and get your happily ever after.

1. Pick a song by The Vamps.

2. His first words to you were?

3. Pick a Norse God.

4. What was your first impression of him?

5. Pick a Fairytale Female.

6. Where'd you first meet?

7. Of course you had a first date, where'd you go?

8. Which kiss is most like his?

9. Pick a Nice Family Pet.

10. What was your first time like?

11. Pick a sexual position.

12. What was your wedding like?

13. Pick a Magical Creature.

14. What petname does he give you most often?

15. What did he do to celebrate your first anniversary?

16. What sort of dad is he?

17. What are you two doing when Ashley is looking after the little bundle of joy?

18. What will happen when Ashley ends up watching after your kid, with the kid?

19. 19. The first time he held his baby ...

20. Pick a Baby Name!