Ich Sag Okay, Nimm Mich Mit. Überall Hin! [Die Wilden Kerle WWFFY] {part 1}

Note: I am doing this quiz in english so that everyone can take it. I will alternate between RP questions and normal questions. Have fun!

1. Hello everyone! So, to kick it off, I am starting with everyone’s least favorite question. What is your favorite color!

2. [RP] The whole town is abuzz with a rumor. Die Wilden Kerle are back home after having disappeared for over two years. What is your sentiment on it?

3. Because I love The Vamps, you have to pick a song from the following listxD

4. [RP] Fabi and the Biesten Biesten swoop into town and throw Leon and the gang a welcome back party. You are invited as well. What are you wearing?

5. Time for something fun, what would you pick as a midnight snack

6. [RP] So, you arrive at the party and you got all the eyes on you. Fabi saunters over and wraps an arm around, telling you how happy he is that you came.

7. Pick your favorite type of food.

8. [RP] So, when you have grabbed yourself a drink and found yourself a nice seat, Deniz plops down beside you, complimenting you on your outfit.

9. Pick a Killerpilze song. Ya know German film so German songs!

10. 10. [RP] After a while, Juli approaches and sit beside. You get into a bit of a conversation about studies and what not and before you know it, you are laugh happily together. Current inner thoughts?

11. What is your spirit animal?

12. [RP] Leon and Marlon fire up the barbeque and you come around to grab a wurstl as well. When you sit down, you catch Leon eyeing you up. How does that make you feel?

13. What pet would you like to own?

14. [RP] You have drained your glass and Marlon comes over to offer you another drink.

15. Now, let’s pick a Panik // Nevada Tan song!

16. [RP] The evening trickles by and you find yourself in a conversation with Nerv. He grew up quite some, didn’t he?

17. What is your favorite Disney pixar film?

18. [RP] Of course at some point in the evening the ball get’s brought in and makeshift goals are set up. There are apparently no teams, it is just a free for all. Maxi looks over at you. “Come play with us!” He calls out.

19. What is your favorite hobby?

20. [RP]: The evening rounds up and it is pitch black out. Markus offers you a ride in his brand new Audi.