Ich Sag Okay, Nimm Mich Mit. Überall Hin! [Die Wilden Kerle WWFFY] {part 2}

Part 1: http://www.quizlet.nl/quiz/414241/ich-sag-okay-nimm-mich-mit-uberall-hin-die-wilden-kerle-wwffy-part-1/

1. Who did you have in part 1?

2. [RP] Your friends and you are hanging out in the park and they suddenly get all giggly, because this young man keep glancing at you from a little distance. You turn and find out it is Raban. Now what?

3. Aight, pick a girl name you wouldn’t mind.

4. [RP] When you are grocery shopping, you bump into Joschka, literally spilling all your groceries on the floor. Joschka sheepishly apologizes and helps you gather your items.

5. 25. So, what sort of person are you?

6. [RP] After spending a day slaving away at school, you go home. What do you come home to?

7. Pick a 5SOS song.

8. [RP] After a few weeks, one of your relatives convinces you to a friendly match between Die Biestigen Biesten and Die Wilden Kerle. So there you are, sitting on a sofa, in the sweltering heat watching boys and girls chase after a pitch black ball.

9. Pick a country for a nice vacation.

10. [RP] Last few classes of the semester and the teachers decided to throw the classes around, so now you are in class with Juli, who sits beside you in class now.

11. What book would you prefer to read?

12. [RP] Juli convinces you to join in a Zoo trip he insisted on organising for his group of friends. Pick the highlight of the day!

13. Pick a Christian Linke song.

14. [RP] So, now that you are adopted into the gang, you come over much more often, greatest pro of this being?

15. Pick a tv show you'd watch.

16. [RP] Last day of school! And it is so hot that the whole school is having a water fight. The Kerle sneak in and the party is cracking!

17. Pick a band you'd love to see live.

18. [RP] So, your aunt makes you watch after your little cousin and you decide to take him to the Teufelstopf, where conveniently the Kerle are kicking around.

19. Which of these men would you want to marry?

20. [RP] It is summer vacation, good golly! Fortunately you don’t have to go on vacation with your parents, got plans?