WWFFY - BTS - Part 1

[English for international use]

Do you like Bangtan? Then you should take this quiz and those that follow it. To see who is in your future~!

1. Hello everyone. My name is Tezzieh and today I will be your quizmaster! First things first, pick a keyword.

2. RP: You just moved with your parents to South-Korea. Thoughts on that?

3. Pick a song that would be your theme song~!

4. RP: Your parents are invited by the neighbors for dinner and drag you along. To your fortune Neighbors have a son. Be descriptive.

5. What type of girl would you say you are?

6. RP: Neighbor boy noticed you sit around doing nothing all day so he drags you to the place he shared with his six attractive friend. First toughs?

7. What part of your body are you most proud of?

8. RP: So they boys all shook your hand rather shyly, bc ya know you are european, which one leaves the best impression.

9. What is your favorite hobby?

10. RP: So you end up squeezed in between the boys known as Tea Tea and Kookie, while Jin is in the kitchen preparing some snacks. J-Hope has challenged RapMon-nim to a wii game and they are on the table. You -

11. Pick a BTS song~!

12. RP: Time flies and you have to go home. You as a westerner go in for a hug. Pick a reaction.

13. What part of a guy do you look at first?

14. RP: Rather soon, you get a call if you want to hang out again. You agree, but on the condition they take you somewhere cool. Pick a location.

15. Who is your BTS fav?