Ich Sag Okay, Nimm Mich Mit. Überall Hin! [Die Wilden Kerle WWFFY] {part 3}

Part 1: https://www.quizlet.nl/quiz/414241/ich-sag-okay-nimm-mich-mit-berall-hin-die-wilden-kerle-wwffy-part-1/
Part 2: https://www.quizlet.nl/quiz/414327/ich-sag-okay-nimm-mich-mit-berall-hin-die-wilden-kerle-wwffy-part-2/

1. Who did you get in part 2?

2. [RP] The Vacation starts out with a friendly match between The Kerle and the Wolven. Nerv is the one to invite you along.

3. Pick a Jersey Number

4. [RP] You arrive at Ragnarok, the hometurf of the Wolven. What strikes you first?

5. How would you prefer to keep fit?

6. [RP] The Kerle obliterate the Wolven, how do you celebrate.

7. Pick a Seventeen Song Title

8. [RP] You Celebrate with Kerle and Wolven alike. With which Wolf do you get along with best?

9. What board game would you prefer to play?

10. [RP] The party is carrying into the night and Jaromir breaks out the booze. You...

11. Time for a Kerle swear

12. [RP] It is very late and Leon offers to bring you home.

13. Which Haribo Candy would you like?

14. [RP] The next day, you are delivered flowers, from 'your secret admirer' Your reaction:

15. What humanoid Monster do you like best?

16. [RP] Oops, you best friend has spotted the flowers!

17. So, what flowers do you like best. Yes, you have to pick.

18. [RP] There is a block BBQ and of course a certain Football Team is there. Fabi comes over to socialise the moment you arrive.

19. Which of these secret menu items would you order.

20. [RP] You get a text from an unknown number, asking you out for a date.