Ich Sag Okay, Nimm Mich Mit. Überall Hin! [Die Wilden Kerle WWFFY] {part 3}

Part 1: https://www.quizlet.nl/quiz/414241/ich-sag-okay-nimm-mich-mit-berall-hin-die-wilden-kerle-wwffy-part-1/
Part 2: https://www.quizlet.nl/quiz/414327/ich-sag-okay-nimm-mich-mit-berall-hin-die-wilden-kerle-wwffy-part-2/

Mogelijke uitkomsten

Leon Wessel-Masanek (0 x uitgekomen)

This summer is looking promising and not in the least because Leon is being obvious about his feelings for you. He really want to go out with you, but he still needs to work up the balls to ask you.

Marlon Wessel (0 x uitgekomen)

The Summer is only young, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything brewing already. Those flowers, those were from Marlon and you bet he is going to ask you out soon.

Fabi Bau (0 x uitgekomen)

It is summer and it is Biestig. Especially Fabi and Fabi means to make you his soon!

Deniz Sarsilmaz (0 x uitgekomen)

Sunshine will follow where ever you are. And Deniz will. Surprise surprise he is one who send you the text and it seems like he got himself a date.

Maxi Maximilian (3 x uitgekomen)

You sure manage to strike a cord with Maxi, but he has to go through Erik and Jaromir to get to you. Fortunately he is certainly willing to go the extra mile.

Markus von Theumer (0 x uitgekomen)

Oh oh, Markus might just be falling for you. And this summer might be his only chance. He better take it!

Raban Bieling (0 x uitgekomen)

Oh dear, Raban is in love and he really has to get over himself if he is really going to ask you out. Wish him luck.

Juli Reik (1 x uitgekomen)

Juli has been crushing on you for a while now. And this summer he will see his chance to ask you out.

Joschka Reik (0 x uitgekomen)

Hey hey and ho ho. It seems that Joschka likes you a whole lot. Now if only he worked up the guts to ask you out, huh?

Nerv von Bogenhausen (0 x uitgekomen)

Oh dear, Nerv has his first crush and it is you. You better get ready bc he is going to sweep you off your feet!



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