Ich Sag Okay, Nimm Mich Mit. Überall Hin! [Die Wilden Kerle WWFFY] {part 4}

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1. Alright, we are going to throw about the format a little bit. I am going to introduce the term [K/O/C] which means Kerl of Choice. Whomst will be your Kerle of Choice?

2. Very well, just insert that name every time you meet the [K/O/C] sign. Let's kick off with an rp question. [K/O/C] and you run into each other at the Ice Cream Parlor in town. He offers to pay for your ice cream.

3. Oh very well, we'll throw in another RP Q: During your Ice Cream and Walk through town [K/O/C] works up the balls to ask you to a party thrown in town.

4. A few book characters never made it to the films. Which one would you have liked to see in the films?

5. [K/O/C] Picks you up at seven. He compliments you with your outfit and leads you to his motorbike.

6. Now, I require you to pick a disney character ^^.

7. [RP] You manage to convince [K/O/C] to dance with you. Is he any good?

8. Pick a Quote

9. [RP] Of course [K/O/C] delivers you back home safely. Does he get a kiss?

10. What would be your ideal vacation?

11. [RP] It is a warm sweltering day and you and your friends are out by the local swimming pool. The Kerle walk in, as a posé. [K/O/C] spots you. What do the other Kerle do?

12. What Hogwarts House, tho?

13. [RP] You and [K/O/C] lay in the sun while your friendgroups mingle.

14. What physical trait do you like best about your [K/O/C]

15. [RP] [K/O/C] picks you up and heads to the pool to toss you into the water.

16. What physical trait do you like best about yourself?

17. [RP] [K/O/C] asks you to a second date. Where to?

18. What dog breed would you prefer to adopt?

19. [RP] For the second date, [K/O/C] brings you a gift.

20. What will be your lucky number?